2019 Kick-Off Meeting

2019 Kick-Off Meeting

It’s amazing to consider for moment, but the TVWP (Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals) networking group is entering it’s 2nd decade of serving the wedding professionals in the Temecula Valley.

Let that sink in. Most industry networking groups on average last less then three years. TVWP has lasted, and in many respects is even stronger and more in need by the local vendors in our community than ever. We’ve seen the rise of the wedding venues in the Valley over the last 10 years, as well as all the various social media (marketing) platforms that have radically affected the way we do business today as opposed to 10 years ago. Example, who even knew what ‘Facebook’ was in 2009? Now one of Facebook’s platforms is easily the most popular social platforms for our industry, Instagram.

The key take-away is that as we enter year 11 for TVWP, we continue to change and zag just like many in our industry have had to do. Thus, TVWP and your participating in local industry networking is and should continue to be a cornerstone of everyone’s marketing plans for 2019. Our customers come from all over the place; they use whatever medium that they are most comfortable and we as wedding professionals must always be aware of these and make our business’ as noticeable and easy to find as any business out there who strives to separate our offerings from the pack. Networking’s place – it’s one of the legs of a marketing plan as it helps to create that vendor-to-vendor awareness that puts us in that enviable spot to learn about what’s happening, and to more importantly, create those personal connections that allow us to be marketing even when we’re not around.

What? Well think about it. Your a new wedding or event vendor who does let’s say floral. No, let’s say you do floral, but want to do succulents and native plants for centerpieces and so on. Well how do let other planners and venues know about your green offerings for that small, but building segment of the couples that are looking for something just a little unique and different. You could buy google ads, you could post on Facebook, create stories for Instagram. Great, but let’s go back, your new so not many locals follow you yet, or haven’t seen any of your work. Here’s where participating in a networking groups helps to bridge that gap in awareness.

You come to the meetings, you start conversations and low & behold, your services’ awareness spikes with the addition to your followers on the social platforms. Now when a planner or venue gets the question from a couple about using succulents as centerpieces – your past networking connections bare their fruit. I know it sounds simple, but that’s how business is done. People go to these gatherings to do just that – meet new and interesting service providers for them to refer to in their business dealings.

TVWP was set up just for this kind of marketing by the wedding professionals who do business in the area. We wanted to connect everyone – because – frankly not many of the local talent knew each other outside of name only. The results over ten years has been fantastic! TVWP has routinely assisted in helping members to create their brand in the marketplace and establish themselves as go-to service providers for everything from DJ services, catering, photography, and so on. Hence the term the ‘golden valley’ as many in Riverside, Orange,County, and San Diego refer to Temecula’s wedding scene as.

(Our Call To Action For You) We would hope you as either a wedding vendor or a wedding venue would look at the Temecula Valley wedding Professionals as a part of your 2019 marketing efforts so that you can sit back on December 31st and know that you’ve done everything possible to make 2019 your best year ever in the field that you love.

Let’s us help you do more in 2019.

Our next meeting is tomorrow evening at Fazeli Cellars in the De Portola area of Temecula’s wine country. With registration you can expect to see a room full of vendors just like you along with a lot of guests who both can help you. Add in a great dinner provided by Fazeli’s culinary staff and you have one of the best values in marketing you’ll ever see.

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