Clique is a group of female photographers who love to create, collaborate, and dream. To us, photography is like breathing.

Even when we don’t have cameras in our hands, we are constantly composing, analyzing light and capturing emotions. Our cameras allow us to translate the beauty we see, and share it with the world.

Like all artists, our most memorable images are created when we are feeling inspired, and what inspires us most are real emotions. We love when couples focus on their day, enjoy every moment, and trust us to capture them and their day beautifully. We do understand that being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable, and that’s why our style is so perfect! We never leave our couples worrying or wondering what to do because we enjoy having fun, being silly and adventurous but most of all our genuine sincerity quickly makes us feel more like friends than strangers with cameras.

Clique began several years ago, when primary photographers Sarah and Erin met online and quickly realized that, although they are very different, they both felt the same way about photography and their differences compliment each other perfectly. Being unique individuals ourselves, we love it when people celebrate their own uniqueness, so we aspire to create images that are an honest reflection of a couple’s day. We are fascinated by new experiences and enjoy meeting new people. Plus, we always have a fantastic time together, and that fun-spirited attitude really shines through in our photos.

Now it’s your turn! Visit our website to contact us. We can’t wait to hear all about you!

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