So Much for a Busy Summer In Temecula

So Much for a Busy Summer In Temecula

It’s really been tough to be a wedding professional in 2020.

When we talked to our local industry experts and our fellow wedding professionals in this past January, we all felt that 2020 was going to be ‘one of those years’ – in a positive sense. It appeared there was a heightened excitement and vibe that was culminating in a record number of weddings & receptions here in the Temecula Valley. Everyone seemed positive and resting for what would be another marathon of busy weekends.

Then came March 2020. The ‘Stay At Home’ orders. The cancellation of all non-essential activities and well you know the story.

We fortunately were able to hold our March 2020 Networking Meeting in the Fazeli Cellars ballroom with a full house of both members and guests present. It was looking so promising for the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals as momentum was abounding with new pros’ meeting some of the more established members and forging those all important personal connections that in time turn into business relationships that are a cornerstone of the TVWP mission.

Little did we know that this would be one of the last public gatherings of all of us without a mask on.

It’s now September 2020 and the world has changed. The virus has caused many in the Valley to either knowingly or unknowingly get ill with it. As we write, we don’t know of any of our members circoming to the Covid virus yet – to which we are thankful.

Outside of the devastation it has been to the public health, it has been frankly a disaster to the weddings & events business in the area. Many of the venues that we so cherish have been limping by or closed all together. In some cases, the loss of this revenue stream is going to be fatal inwhich will rob future couples of the experience that they would have had in normal times to celebrate their vows in a truly unique and totally ‘them atmosphere’. This also is a loss to the local area wedding professionals who were able to color the palette with their talents to enrich the venue and thus the event experience. No two venues are alike, as no two wedding/receptions are alike.

If history is any indication, the Temecula Valley should (in time) come back as the premier wedding & reception destination it was before. The great recession of 2008 – the year TVWP was founded – showed us that we have something special in this vine covered valley. We were all attracted here for the opportunities and lifestyle that are so special to Temecula. It’s so neat to share with those who know little about the area and what it has to offer.

The County of Riverside, which is the public health authority in wine country, is reporting that the infection rate is dropping in the area and that the Temecula area ‘might’ be moving to a more guest friendly accommodation at the venues.

Fingers, toes, hair, and just about anything short of the dogs tail are crossed that we can start to do events again the valley soon.