TVWP’s 10th Year Is About To Kickoff

TVWP’s 10th Year Is About To Kickoff

The title is correct. The Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals (TVWP) has been honored to be able to service the wedding community in the Temecula Valley for the past ten years. As the only local group, and one of the largest in all of southern California, TVWP has provided a platform for all levels of wedding professionals to come together and network, visit are venues, and most importantly, learn how to raise the bar of services’ providing to the over 4,000 couples who come to our area for weddings and receptions annually.

Let’s be honest, the Temecula wedding scene was a wild place in 2008. The country was entering into one of the worst recessions in decades, the winery business was just getting really going, and couples were coming into the area looking for a unique experience that other regions couldn’t satisfy. On top of that, if a local wedding professional wanted to network, or even learn more about the wedding business, they had to either travel down to San Diego, or up to Ontario to meet with other wedding pro’s. Temecula was a ‘no-mans land’ for networking or professional development.

That is until Annette Nielsen and Charlene Keys decided to fill the void. On a cold winter night in January of 2008 in a tent on the once busy Keyways Winery, over 150 curious wedding professionals came to a gathering to hear about something new, and very much needed in the area. It was the formation of the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals. All you needed to join was an interest in the local wedding sphere. Well, over 100 of the attendees joined, and have been meeting monthly ever since. For most of those early members, this was the first time that they had met a lot of the other vendors in the area, (they put the name w/ the face experience).

Thus the wild Temecula wedding scene was on its way to being tamed!

Since this precious start, hundreds of wedding vendors and business’ have benefited by participation in TVWP. The ability to talk with others and leverage idea’s, connections, and talents has dovetailed into making many of the early members into major providers of their services to all the related events that come into the area annually. Growing up with the area wine industry has helped to shape both the opportunities, and the professionalism of the providers of services at these venues equalling a raise in the experiences by the guests.

On February 6th, the ‘TIN’ year of TVWP kicks off in the Ballroom at Temeku Hills. Anywhere from 100-200 wedding and event-related professions will gather to make new connections, sample the environs of the Temeku venue, and hear some great information by our guest speakers, Robin Brockelsby & Nancy Stoltz of Creative Covers on The Art of UpSelling Events & 2018 Design Trends. It’s always nice to reflect, but the event space is always forward looking, and we’re sure these two dynamic ladies will help all in attendance to point their business arrows up for the coming busy wedding season.

If your a current TVWP member, your likely seeing the evites to this meeting already in your inboxes, if your not a current member, or just want to see what TVWP is all about, your welcome to register to attend and see if this form of marketing can help you grow your influence and business in the new year. All we ask is that you bring some business cards, a smile, and a curious mind.

Routinely we hear from new vendors who attend how impactful and powerful this platform can be for developing their brands and making sure they are doing everything possible to bring their business success – Why Not Put Your Toes & See For Yourself!

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