Are You Utilizing Facebook Ads Properly?

Are You Utilizing Facebook Ads Properly?

The Following is based off a presentation by Valerie McCartney @Enticing Tables

Our March TVWP meeting was one for the books, and a major highlight of the evening was the in-depth presentation that Valerie of Enticing Tables provided for us on the sometimes dreaded, daunting, and overwhelming Facebook ads. I think we all can agree that advertising on social media can be a little challenging to get a handle on. First of all, the rules and capabilities are constantly evolving. Secondly, there are so many popular social media outlets to partake in, how do you know which one to focus on? Luckily, we were provided some clarity thanks to a fellow wedding vendor and colleague.

If you’re anything like me, when I do commit to an online promotion I usually just “boost a post.” You know, the photo that looks really pretty and I have a catchy or pithy caption for? Additionally, as a new feature when you boost a post for five-to-ten bucks it will now share it on Instagram to garner additional likes. Cool! I certainly thought I was all set.

As I was listening to Valerie’s presentation I realized, “Oh, wait, I am not all set.” She asked some really important questions about the value of the strategy I was using (btw hoping I am not the only one who is guilty of this…). What are those additional likes actually getting you? Where is the call to action? What about your post makes a potential new client want to reach out to you? As I was listening, I realized…nothing. Absolutely nothing in my post is effective.

Fortunately for us, she shared some helpful tips during her talk and I am going to recap the highlights for you here:

1. When you plan a promotion make sure it directs them somewhere. Make sure you have a special link in place (that you can track) that will link them specifically to what your ad is about. For example, say you want to highlight a new product, then make sure the link you include takes them to that specific page (or landing page) on your website. This way the prospect can easily get the information they are looking for.
2. One ad does not fit all. As a business owner, we usually have a variety of clientele we service and it may not be a one-size-fits-all. As a photographer, I work with engaged couples, new parents, graduating seniors and so on. Blasting out a promotion for wedding photography to all of the above is not necessarily going to land with each group. Instead, when I create an ad targeting a specific audience, Facebook now allows me to be detailed in who I want this marketing piece to reach. Be sure to enter audience filters such as: age, gender, location, and relevant tags (i.e. Temecula Winery Weddings).
3. Expand your reach. Generally, Facebook will show your post to approximately 4% of your fans. Boosting a post simply shows your post to more of your existing fans. Rather than focusing on existing fans, run targeted ads to reach new clients, specifically brides and grooms. Sure, you may get more likes from your existing fan following, but what does that translate to? An ad should be used to drive your ideal customer to your website rather than to gain likes from among your current fan base.
4. Avoid the “hard-sell” in your ad. Instead, put all of your best selling points on the webpage you are linking too. Keep your Facebook promotion short, sweet, and visually appealing.
5. Final tips: When you create your ad, make sure you select a start and end date, a daily budget ($5 is usually good), and make sure you share this ad on the Facebook newsfeed only (rather than a sidebar ad or as an additional promotion to Instagram).

This might be a lot to digest, but hopefully these tips will help set you up for success for your next social media promotion! Thank you Valerie for sharing your time with us!

Additional Info: Valerie offers a 5-1/2 hour course called Facebook Ads for Wedding Pros that teaches exactly how to get in the newsfeed of brides and grooms as well as how to reach wedding pros (like photographers and others who want to reach wedding planners). To learn more, email her at or call 858-354-8940.